Traditional Matted Album is popularly known as Book Bound Album. Pages are permanently bound into the album. This means pages will not move from side to side and will lay flat when you open the album. The album will give clients a more classic style and professional bound finish. Client can select from our wide range matt styles and sizes.


Traditional Matted Album with Slip in Matt come with the pockets that are already assembled and bound into the album.Matts will be cut according to client’s design and packages separately from the album. Simply tape the images behind the matt and then slip the matt into the album page which includes a pocket for the matt to slip into.

Book bound album with matt which already pre assembled and mounted onto the page that have been designed it. This means the pages are permanently bound into the album cover with all matts attached as the album plan. Very little labour is needed to complete the album. This album gives professional bound finish.
  Thick Bevelled matt- black with white core   Thick Bevelled matt- Ivory with black core      
Single matt- white plain
Single matt- black plain

Matt style range from a single sheet of heavy card (known as a “Single Matt”) to picture-framer’s mattboard with bevelled-edge openings (known as a “Bevelled Matt”).

Single Matts, are made from a single sheet of heavy, textured card, and providing a slimmer and lighter album finish. Single matts for our traditional albums have a plain opening with no border. They offer simple and timeless elegance to your album without compromising on quality.

Thick Bevelled Matts, are premium matts cut from picture-farmets’ mattboard with a surface colour and a core colour. When the openings are cut, the knife is held on an angle, this creating a bevelled cut which exposes the core colour of the board, providing a framed effect to the photos. Its neat presentation, resistance to fingerprints, lightness and economy, the bevelled matts in black with a white core are our standard recommendation.

Our Traditional Matted album comes in different size:

17”x 14”
14”x 11”
14”x 17”
11”x 14”
16”x 16”
13“x 13”
9”x 9”
Cover of material of Traditional Matted Album are same as Digital Magazine Album (please refer to our sample material in Digital Magazine section)
~ Canvas Photo Cover
~ Velvet Photo cover
~ Photo Cover
~ Aluminium
~ Leatherette
~ Linmaster
~ Velvet
~ Leather
~ Setalux
~ Cialux
~ Vinyl