SUSAN+PRO has been manufacturing professional photo albums since 1965. Our products are individually handcrafted to ensure every products are made to its highest quality. Our mission is to support photographers by dedicating fine quality photo albums to present their masterpiece. Solid teamwork is a key to success in marketing and designing of our product. SUSAN+PRO is supported by a highly-dedicated team who constantly produces innovative products and design.

As a form of service to our valuable customers, we provide individual custom made album. Customers are welcome to order album with various kinds of sizes, shapes or colours to fulfill their needs and preferences.Client can also have their company logos or personal name attached to their albums for exclusivity and promotion purposes. All of our albums materials are acid free to ensure longevity for permanent record of their unforgettable moments.

Regional network of Susan+Pro    

1. Decades of positive reputation and commitment in the photography industry. SUSAN+PRO has experience in the photography industry since 1965 and has continuously led the industry in innovation.

2. SUSAN+PRO Album has the most comprehensive range of products in the industry. We offer albums in literally hundreds of possible combinations.

3. Our R&D team always find the newest innovation on photography industry. We offer full range of services from traditional mounting to digital design, print and bind service.

4. SUSAN+PRO treats every customer as a cherished partner. Our SUSAN+PRO products and programs can support your business by freeing up more time for you hence enable you to concentrate on your client’s need.